Spring Creek Rehabilitation is a unique service offered as an extension to our full service agistment providing intermediary care at all levels. This service is perfectly suited to horses recovering from illness, injury or surgery and allows horse owners complete piece of mind. From ailments as simple as a foot abscess or a fence injury in need of a dry stable and bandage changes, through to post surgery care transitioning from veterinary to at home care, this offer has something for everyone.

Our highly experienced staff are on site 24/7 and work with strong support from our local veterinary community as well as a host of other elite equine care professionals.

Equine Rehabilitation

Horses are checked four times a day and every need is attended to - medication, bandage changes, controlled exercise, etc...  this service provides specialised support for horses of all shapes and sizes. Our first class facility’s include rubber or concrete stables, small day yards, and various paddock sizes providing you with the the best possible environment for your horses recovery.

Base prices are in line with full service agistment; common rehabilitation services are listed below. For extra services or more specialised care please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Basic Rehabilitation Price List 

Please note materials (i.e. bandage dressings, drug costs, etc…) are not included.

  • Daily Agistment (see inclusions below)                          $50
  • Oral medication                                                                 $10
  • Standard bandage change                                               $20
  • Injectable medication                                                        $15
  • Controlled exercise                                                            $10 per 15 mins
  • Horse wash by staff                                                           $20

Costs and inclusions

  • Housing as appropriate- hard wood stable, steel yard or electric, post and rail private paddock.
  • Feeding and rugging as needed, minimum twice daily, hard feed and hay included 
  • Horses caught for Veterinarians, Physiotherapy/Treatments, Farriers etc... 
  • Year round worming 
  • Ration analysis available as required. 
  • Includes use of all facilities – indoor arena, hot wash, jumping facilities and washing machine 

$50 per day incl. GST, minimum 4 day stay

Please note, this is a customised service, if these services don’t suit your needs please contact us to discuss your requirements.





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